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Class Descriptions

My classes are an opportunity to arrive into the body, to connect to the internal, subtle parts of ourselves, beyond the physical into the intelligence within.

Embodied movement, breath and stillness, inspiried by many traditional styles and techniques, blending Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga, with emphasis on the breath and the feeling body.

Each class offers support, guidance and a sense of community. 

Tuesday Hatha Flow

A strong Hatha flow class, emphasising on postural alignment, concentration and breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen the body and mind. 

Thursday Slow Flow

End of day slow flow to help you wind down after a long day. Moving at a slower pace, combining fluid movement and theraputic breathwork, for a deeper mind/body opening and relaxation. With candlelight to guide the way and props for extra support.

Saturday Energising vinyasa

An energising and invigorating morning practice to start the weekend. Flowing at a faster pace with dynamic Vinyasa style asana and Kundalini inspired pranayama. Cultivating internal heat and working on both strength and flexibility. 

Sunday Restorative

A still and extremely grounding and meditative practice consisting of supported seated postures which are held for around 5 minutes each. Focusing on keeping the mind inside of body, creating space and giving time to allow for things to come up to the surface and release from the body. A deeply relaxing and restoring class mentally, physically and emotionally, improving and enhancing energy flow. 

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