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Living in Bath, Originally from Devon, with a background in classical ballet. I started to dance from the age of 2 and went on to train professionally at The London Studio Centre. The dedication and discipline of ballet laid the foundations of my being and has carried me throughout my life, in so many ways, which I am forever grateful for. 

I previously lived and worked in London, New York, California and Paris before moving to Spain where I had my two babies. Recently relocated to Bath, UK after 8years abroad and couldn’t be happier to settle in this beautiful city.


I found yoga around 8 years ago after practicing with Sri Dharma Mittra in New York. The transition from ballet to yoga was organic. I love movement and being in my body and yoga gave me that and so much more. I began to notice profound shifts in my life. More clarity, creativity, productivity, life began to flow in a serendipitous way, more synchronicities, I was more social, more confident, more joyful. I didn’t intend to teach however teaching naturally found me. I became certified in Hatha and Vinyasa in Paris in 2016 where I lived and taught yoga for 5 years. 


My daily practice is such an imperative part of my life. Although in this moment I have much less time (and energy) following around two small children, since becoming a mother my desire for self study and self practice is more than ever. Eager to learn,  embody these tools and techniques to share them with my students and one day my children.


I love my work, this is my dharma and I am beyond grateful to be able to share this gift with others.  I am always learning, growing and coming back to my practice, back to my body and my breath, time and time again. 

With Love, Chelsea 


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