TYM is a unique and powerful healing therapy for over all wellbeing.

Combining acupressure and gentle yoga stretches, focusing on energy lines to dissolve any blockages or tensions, creating balance and flow in the body mind and spirit. 

Fully clothed massage, practiced on a mattress on the floor. 




My practice includes physical postures, breath work and meditation. Focusing on developing awareness of the body and mind connection, influencing a more positive harmony

both internally and externally. 

All levels welcome.

For me yoga is a very practical method, however mystical it may seem, it is a system which truly works. With a consistent practice, with repetition, awareness and intention we remove obstacles and make space to receive. We can unveil and cultivate so, so much.



After building a foundation in classical ballet, I naturally discovered and fell in love with yoga and its healing therapy. My intention was never to teach, however teaching found me and its my biggest most rewarding gift. 


Born in Devon, England, lived and worked in London, New York, California and Paris. Currently living in Spain with my husband and two children.

This path is an ever-lasting journey of discovery and growth. It continues to be a very necessary and transformative daily work in my life. I am always learning, growing and coming back to my practice, back to my body and my breath, time and time again. 


Teaching is my absolute passion, and I am filled with gratitude to be able to teach and practice with beautiful beings. I only hope to inspire, encourage and support others along the way.




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Monday 12pm - Vinyasa Flow, Omm Studio Paris

Tuesday 12.15pm - Vinyasa, Paris Yoga Shala

Wednesday - Saturday 9am via Zoom (to book please contact me below)


"I feel so grateful to follow Chelsea's class. She is such a magical instructor and I can compare her as an angel, she is so generous, sweet and beautiful. The practice with her is just perfect: the songs, the flow, the time of relaxation. Chelsea is by far the best yoga teacher I have ever had. One class with her is a travel in a wonderful world."

Nazanine Fathi

"First of all Chelsea is a beautiful person inside and out and that makes the difference. She is one of my favourite teachers. For me her classes are just perfect, very well studied and  the perfect mix of dynamic and serenity..It feels like a real escape, where your mind is really disconnected. She is so graceful and focuses on how to get well aligned. Thank you Chelsea for your attention and love."


Tamara Japy

"With Chelsea, I have found The Class that I need and I love it, always exactly what I need. She is a very kind and professional instructor, and I appreciate a lot the atmosphere she creates in her class, with well selected music to support yoga flow and final meditation. it's just a piece of caviar. Highly recommend!"

Isabelle Quiriet

"Chelsea is one of the best yoga teachers I've ever had ... Her hatha flow classes, which are extremely complete, are a perfect blend of dynamic yoga and relaxation, passionate and ultra-generous. She takes time to correct the postures of each student and give personalised advice, not to mention the perfect playlists for traveling and the little neck massage at the end of the course, I'm at the healthy warriors studio and I will not miss my classes with her under any circumstances! "


Clara Autuly

"Chelsea is my teacher and I absolutely love her. She is such a generous teacher, very loving also. I love her flow, I feel that I’m working gently but deeply. She is very connected to her students during the class. She is giving so much love and attention to each and everyone of us, that you can only feel secure and comfortable. Savasana is especially delicious in her class. Her choice of music is beautiful and powerful, full of strong beautiful vibrations. Chelsea’s class is the only yoga class where I experience strong emotions opening up. She has light and love in her heart and in her eyes, we can all feel it."


Gaëlle Brunet

"Dear Chelsea, I am so touched and connected to your magical miracle class, "meditation in movement"powerful & energising yoga class. Your guidance leads me deep within myself. Your yoga class is always UNIQUE and POWERFULLY POSITIVE!

Thank you dear angel."

Naomi Dagort

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LUBERON, PROVENCE   12 - 15 April

Head to the south of France for a 4 day luxury retreat. Staying in a truly stunning 17th century Farmhouse, where we will practice yoga twice daily, meditations by the fire place. Delicious plant based meals prepared by the private chef.

Enjoy a peaceful stay in the most beautiful and idyllic setting. A moment to disconnect from daily stresses, immerse into the magic of yoga and reconnect back to ourselves.


A 6 day revitalising wellness retreat designed to guide and inspire you to your happiest, healthiest and most radiant self. Staying at the gorgeous Casa Mae hotel, overlooking the water in portugals southern most Algarve region. Our three passionate teachers will share daily self care practicies to strengthen and align your mind, body and heart. 4

Daily yoga, meditation, self care teachings and even a cooking workshop. 

You will fuel your body with nutritious meals prepared from an array of locally sourced produce and leave feeling cleansed and energised.

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